Monday, September 19, 2005

Emerson 77646 AS

Ahhh... My good old Emerson. Not that collectible, but still very special to me. This was the first fan in my official collection. I got it from my mother when she owned an antique store in Oak Grove, AR. (just north of Paragould) I went in there all the time, because my girlfriend was the secretary. One day I was in there just milling around as usual, and I saw two Emersons. One was a 79648 and then there was this one. It just screamed, "take me home!". Well, they had it priced $27.50, but my mother who always encouraged my hobby, told me I could have it. As I recall my Stepfather, was real upset about that. He would ask from time to time, when I was going to pay him for that fan. Oh well, they're divorced now. Let's see, that was probably ten years ago now. I have lugged this thing from place to place over these years and never did anything with it. Well I started on it this weekend. I took it apart and realized that it is missing the shaft and worm gear for the oscillator. So I am looking for those. Also I am trying to figure out the proper paint to use on this fan. I know that it looks kind of brownish, but also a little metallic. I am open to any suggestions. This fan will mean a lot when it is finished. My girlfriend, mentioned before, is now my wife of nearly ten years. It was like I said a gift from my mother, and my late father worked at Emerson Electric all his life. So, I can construe my tie to this fan in many ways. Stay tuned my fan restoration fans for more info as we go.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find the parts to make your fan oscillate?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Finished this fan long ago. There should be a post here with finished pictures.

Anonymous said...

Is the blade brass or aluminum?