Thursday, September 22, 2005

A dream

Last night I dreamt about fans... I think that is a first. There is a factory here in Sikeston that closed down not long ago, Essex wire. I dreamt that they had an auction to get rid of junk, and I was there looking for fans, but could only find late model junk. Then, all of a sudden, I am in an old house, I believe that the owners were elderly and had passed away. Their children were selling things. I for some reason had given up on what they were displaying and was snooping around and found a really nice 6 blade Emerson in a back closet. Oh the rest is too horrible to tell, so I will spare you.

Anyway, I think I am getting out of control. My wife seems to think that I have an obsessive nature. I do talk a lot about fans. I did start a blog about them. Maybe it's time to find that little bit of self control that I have stashed away and utilize it. Just for a little while anyway.

For now, I will keep fanning the blog, or blogging the fans... Later ya'll,

Crazy Larry

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