Thursday, August 25, 2005

Golden Jubilee

I bought this fan on ebay also. The picture showed a fan with painted white blades. I had a feeling that it was a Golden Jubilee based off the poor quality picture alone. I got it in and was glad that it was in fact a GB. For those of you who don't know what the significance is, this is a commemorative edition fan for Emerson Electric. Anyway, I left it painted for some time and went on to other projects. Then one day I decided to take the blade off and strip that hidious white paint off. I applied a chemical striper and removed the paint easily. I took some rouge and buffed the blades with my grinder. After that a little brasso and elbow grease. The finished product a very nice and shiny blade. This is one of my favorite fans.

Century S2A-9 Restoration

This is my current restoration project fan. I bought it off of ebay from a guy in Jackson, MO. I bought it cause I figured I could go get it and save any shipping. Turns out the guy traveled alot with his job and so he was willing to drop it by my office. Great deal for the money. The fan is a Century 9 inch oscillator. There was lots of dirt caked in this sucker and and it didn't work. I cleaned it and oiled it real good and then it came to life. The housing on the oscillator was made of "pot-metal" a brittle metal not meant to last. It was broken and marred. I used a little jbweld and some artistic nature and rebuilt the housing and I have a friend who is machineing and new cap for the housing. I cleaned it stripped the old paint and the thing is currently in primer. I went to lowes the other night with my kids to buy some stuff for the fan and they were out of spray black laquer. I did get some grommets though. I am taking my time with this one. I hope it comes out good. I will put some pics on soon to let you see how it is going.

Welcome to my Fan Blog

I wanted to start this blog for two reasons. First, my brother in law has one and I think it is very interesting. Second, I wanted to provide a place for my fellow fan atics to converge and talk shop. Please feel free to visit and comment. I wil try to post updates on restorations as I go. Any advice will be appreciated.